Sasa and Goran

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Nikola, Zoran and Milos

When you put three, hot horny guys in one room – the inevitable happens: They fuck, suck and swap loads of jizz!The boys strip down right away and Zoran gets in the middle, with Nikola and Milos on either side – their plump cocks in his face – and he goes to town. And does he EVER have his work cut out for him, but lucky for Nikola and Milos – Zoran LOVES his job! He alternates sucking off Milos and Nikola, working their meat over like a cock-starved pig. As the boys get hornier, Milos decides he wants a dick in his mouth too. Fair is fair – and soon, Milos is sucking Nikola and Zoran is expertly polishing Milos’ knob. Sexy Milos ten decides to mount Zoran and give him even more of his juicy cock. He rams him fast and steady and Zoran moans like a little girl.Meanwhile, Nikola is keeping Zoran’s mouth busy with an all beef diet. The dudes switch it up and Nikola has a go at Zoran’s hole. When Nikola is about to blow, he makes Zoran his personal cum-dumpster, unloading buckets of cum in his mouth, which Zoran feeds back to Milos. Hot.

Nikola and Sale

When Nikola realizes that Sale is interested in more than just friendship, he takes well to his sexual advances and brings their relationship to the next level. Watch as he opens up his heart and leaves himself vulnerable to some serious anal abuse. They say love hurts, and Nikola’s tiny hole is a tight squeeze for Sale’s manmeat, but well worth the effort. If you love rivers of flowing cum, this is the scene for you. Nikola sucks Sale off to a climactic completion of bursting spooge, then shares his bounty with the source of this natural spring, feeding it mouth to mouth like a mother hen a rearing its chick.